General terms and conditions

1. Scope of service

Through this website, TEBAIDE MEDIA Srl provides an online platform that allows hotel to publicize their rooms for booking and to site visitors to make reservations. By reserving through, you will establish a direct contractual relationship (binding in legal terms) with the hotel where the booking was performed. From the time of the reservation,TEBAIDE MEDIA Srl  will act as intermediary between you and the hotel, passing on to the hotel the details of the reservation and sending you a confirmation e-mail on behalf of the hotel.

The hotels are given access to an administrative area on which they are totally responsible for the updating of the rates, availability and other information displayed on our website. Although we provide our service with diligence and care, we are not able to verify and guarantee the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information, nor can we be held responsible for any errors (including evident mistakes and typing errors), interruption of service (due to (temporary and/or partial) malfunction, repair, upgrade or maintenance of the website or other), imprecise, misleading, or false information, or its failure to be delivered. Each hotel is responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information (descriptive), including the rates and availability displayed on our website.

2. Privacy and cookies

No registration is required. The data for completion of the reservation, including the credit card data will be sent to the hotel through the SSL protocol. The reservation data will be recorded on excluding the credit card details. The recorded reservation information will remain on our database until one month after the reservation date. After this period all the data will be cancelled. The cookies are used only for statistical purposes as source codes (search engines, portals etc).

4. Free service

The service is free. No cost will be debited for the service offered, nor will additional costs be applied (inherent to the reservation) to the room rate. We will not debit your credit card. The service is supported by the hotels that pay a monthly fixed fee.

5. Credit card or bank draft

Most hotels require credit card details in order to guarantee your reservation. We will send your credit card data directly to the facility where the booking was performed. To protect and encrypt your credit card information, we use “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technology. TEBAIDE MEDIA Srl  does not make, accept, or administer in any way any payment in favor or on behalf of the facility.
For some rates (non-reimbursable) or special offers, the anticipated payment may be requested through bank draft (if provided as means of payment for the facility) or credit card. In case of credit card use, this may be pre-authorized or debited (sometimes without the possibility of reimbursement) at the time reservation and its confirmation. Before booking, carefully check the presence of these conditions in the details concerning the room and the rates.

6. Cancellation

When booking at a hotel, you accept and approve the respective rules for cancellation and failure to appear at the facility and any other additional regulation or condition of the hotel applicable to your reservation or during your stay, including the services and/or the products offered by the facility (the regulations and conditions are obtained directly from the facility). The general regulations on cancellation and failure to appear at each facility are mentioned on our website on the information pages concerning the facility, during the reservation procedures and the confirmation e-mail.