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The museum MuSa in Salò

The museum MuSa in Salò

Anyone who has visited the Lake Garda, certainly already know the magic place of Salo'. And it is precisely here that lies the MuSa museum, opened on June 6, 2015. The halls of the museum are located in Salo' refurbished villa of Santa Giustina and the visitor gets an overview of the culture and identity of the city. Telling the various items on the history of Salo early 15th century, it was at the time when the region still under the rule of Venice, for the dramatic moment of the Second World War.

In the various rooms of the museum houses the works, many works of art and antique machinery. Also, here is the famous "Blue Ribbon" Military collection, called, "National Institute of support of the Bravery Medal", which is integrated in the permanent collection of the museum Salo. At the opening of the museum, the exhibition themed "The Double Life of Vincent van Gogh" has been translated: show "The two lives of Vincent van Gogh", with a concurrent exhibition of 60 paintings by Ernesto Tatafiore. Among other things, the museum has dedicated a special room for the maker Gasparo Salò, who lived in the period of 1540-1609 in Salò. Interestingly, the Contra Bass musician is provided here and you play at concerts in the museum of famous artists. Visitors will find in other showrooms anatomical specimens of the famous surgeon Giovan Battista Rini and numerous works of art of the painter of Civic Design Collection. 


From 13 April to 6 November 2015: exhibition "From Giotto to De Chirico. The hidden treasures"
Da Giotto a de Chirico museum MuSa

Prices: Adults 8,00 Euro + free tickets or reduced for certain categories.
At the ticket office of the Vittoriale degli Italiani you can buy the ticket Vittoriale + MuSa, the cost of which varies according to the tour visit chosen.

Musa - Museo di Salò
Centro Cultural Santa Giustina
Via Brunati, 9
25087 Salo, Lake Garda